The Living Room w/ Gerry Bonds - Sam Lovera

The Living Room w/ Gerry Bonds - Sam Lovera

Posted by Sam Lovera on Sep 14th 2018

Oklahoma is blessed with many iconic family businesses that started from humble beginnings and a healthy dose of hard work. During this episode of The Living Room with Gerry Bonds, we’re celebrating two enterprising Oklahoma families, that have supplied Oklahomans and visitors from far and wide with great food and memories.

Sam Lovera sets down with Gerry Bonds to discuss the history his Italian marketThe Lovera family came to Pittsburg County in southeastern Oklahoma to work in the coal mines in the early 1900s, tragedy struck and a food market that’s now known for its award-winning cheeses all over the country was born. Sam Lovera, who grew up in the 1950s, living above and working in Lovera's Food Market in Krebs, is in The Living RoomText

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