"Madeline" Gift Basket | 11 Piece Set

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This Italian gourmet gift basket is sure to conjure the Italian spirit at your next dinner or casual get together.  Our award-winning Caciocavera and delicious Summer Sausage is a perfect match when combined with the savory crunch of Rallini Authentic Taralli crackers. Lovera's Pepperoncini Peppers are a great addition to any antipasti plate, sandwich, or salad. Our savory, plumb and flavorful goat cheese stuffed olives are a perfect for snacking!  This collection of Italian antipasti is a perfect gift for an easy appetizer spread and an ideal gift for your favorite host.


  • 8oz Traditional Caciocavera Cheese

  • 8oz Smoked Caciocavera Cheese

  • Lovera's Summer Sausage
  • Gourmet Preserve Spread

  • Imported Extra Virgin Olive Oil - 8.5oz
  • Lovera’s Premium Stuffed Olives

  • Pickled Okra
  • Sweet Pepperoncini Peppers

  • Sweet Garlic in Oil

  • Rallini Authentic Taralli Crackers
  • Kinder Bueno Candy Bar

  • All Gift are professionally assembled in premium gift basket

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