Spices + Marinades

  • Quick-Grill Meat Marinade - 17oz

    With our Quick Grill Meat Marinade, you can achieve more flavor in less time. Ideal for red meats, this simple but savory marinade is the perfect fix for the 30-minute meal. Pour over a steak or drizzle a little into your ground beef...

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  • All-Purpose Italian Seasoning - 2.5oz

    Liven up your cooking with this aromatic blend of parsley, rosemary, oregano and basil. The classic Italian flavors make it a great addition to marinades, roasted vegetables, salad dressings and even savory dipping oils.

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  • Zesty Italian Grill Rub - 10oz

    We’ve combined the bold flavors of garlic and chopped onion with the fragrant aromas of fennel, parsley and celery seed to create a seasoning that adds unique Italian flavors and an extra dimension to your grill. Great on...

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  • Parmesan Pasta & Salad Seasoning - 7.5oz

    Make the ordinary extraordinary with our parmesan blend. The savory parmesan paired with the aromatic Italian herb add depth to just about anything you sprinkle it on. At our house we use it on roasted vegetables, salads, pastas and even...

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  • Savory Steak Seasoning - 6oz

    Combined with our Quick Grill Meat Marinade, this savory seasoning is our family’s secret to the perfect steak. This custom blend of secret spices immediately enhances the rich flavors of any steak or red meat. 

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