Marinated Vegetable Variety Gift Box | 5 Piece Set

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Enjoy a Gourmet Stuffed Olives Variety Pack which includes a four pack from Forest Floor Foods. The Variety Pack of Queen olives includes: Blue Cheese Stuffed; Garlic Stuffed; Jalepeno Stuffed, and Pimento Stuffed. A treat for any occasion.


Enjoy an assortment of our most popular Marinated Vegetables with our Marinated vegetable Variety Pack.


The Variety Pack includes:

  • Mild Pickled Okra - 16 oz: Even if you are not a fan of okra, you will love Lovera's pickled okra. It's crisp and tart with a great snap. It won't last long on the appetizer tray so get two.
  • Mild Pickled Asparagus - 16 ozThese crisp, snappy and utterly addictive pickled asparagus are a favorite among Lovera's fans. Serve it on a relish tray, with hard or soft cheeses, or on a green salad with a hard-boiled egg and tuna. Try it in your next Bloody Mary. You'll be glad you did!
  • Marinated Beets - 16 ozLike little bonbons, our pickled beets are small enough to pop in your mouth whole! They're a little sweet and a little tart and a lot good. They are perfect for any relish tray. You can quarter them and use them in salads with hard-boiled eggs.
  • Marinated Sun-dried Tomatoes - 16 ozLovera's sun-dried tomatoes are wonderfully sweet and great on any salad, sandwich, antipasto tray. They are so delicious that you will find yourself eating them directly from the jar.
  • Sweet Garlic in Oil - 16 oz: This sweet Italian garlic is bathed in oil and spices for a rich, savory flavor that is great in or on anything. Eat it right out of the jar! It is never hot or bitter. You can also use it to top a pizza or to embellish a sandwich. Try it chopped and add to salad dressings and pasta dishes.
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