Where It All Starts  -A Trip to Cross Broom Farm Dairy

Posted by Matteo Lovera on Jun 28th 2017

Where It All Starts -A Trip to Cross Broom Farm Dairy

We take the quality of our cheese serious and are proud of the local family farms we have chosen to partner with. The milk we use for our caprino di Krebs and other goat cheeses comes exclusively from Cross Broom Farm. Becky and Eric Wise have about 60 goats with a state of the art FDA inspected facility. Their goats make the highest quality of milk because they get 90% of their food from forage and grazing and have access to 50 acres of lush grasses. We are honored to work with people like Becky and Eric and enjoy getting to take the whole crew for an outing at the farm!

Our cow dairy is located in Clarita ok. Nelson Yoder and his wife run the dairy. They milk about 50 jersey cows. We use their milk for all our cow milk cheeses. Jersey cows are know for having high butter fat content that's why our cheese is so rich and buttery. Their family has been raising jersey's for 5 generations. They do a very good job at crop rotation so the cows have access to sweet Oklahoma prairie grass all year long.

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